The essence of Spanish living!

E-City Town is designed to give enough open area between the buildings to allow better ventilation and natural lighting while taking care of mutual shading of these open courts. The in-between building courts are treated with combination of active and passive spaces.

Active spaces include play courts, dribbling courts, sand beds; children play equipment area, etc. The play courts are surrounded by seat outs as pause points for kids and viewers. Passive space includes seating spaces for small group, informal stepped gathering spaces for senior citizens and plant beds with aromatic theme planting. The large open spaces provided in the layout will accommodate large multipurpose courts, cricket pitch for teenagers and mid age groups there will also be an exclusive toddlers play zone complete with a swing; see saw and multi play units.

A small pocket of open space is proposed as lawn area along with pool for parties, relaxation, passive activities. The entire landscape development is proposed to cater to different age groups while integrating the different spaces together. Key Vastu principles have been used to organize spaces and bring light and ventilation everywhere Here you will also find that the balconies are spacious with full opening into the living space, extending the interior space to the outside. Even studio units have been given step-outreach balconies. All washrooms have clearly separated wet and dry areas for easy maintenance and utility balconies have been tucked away into service zones to separate them from the front elevations.

The roof top has gazebos and seating areas that residents can use for a leisurely evening barbeque or chit chatting. The community center offers the best of amenities including supermarket, large banquet halls, restaurants and indoor play areas. Al! in all we have paid attention to every detail in the planning, designing and execution stage to bring you the very best and essence of Spanish living, well within your budget.